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A website audit is very important to help you get better search engine ranking, more traffic, and business sales. Ensuring your website’s in peak condition is crucial for success. That’s where Webvizion comes in with our comprehensive Website Audit service.

Our Website Audit Checklist

A website audit is all about identifying and improving the shortcomings of your website.

In website auditing, lots of functionalities of your websites are reviewed including website performance, website forms, site health, traffic, navigation, mobile optimization, content, etc.

A website audit is very important for your website or brand and a Website audit should be done at least every 3 months.  

Website Design & Structure

Auditors examine your site design, structure, and layout in multiple devices including desktop, Android (& iPhone), Tab device, etc.

Colors & Branding

Right colors and brand elements enhance your user experience. If your website has good branding and colors then users will more likely to trust your business, this will eventually grow your business.

Website Technical Errors

In this auditor examine and test your website for technical errors including website form error, email issue error, HTTP errors, duplicate page content error, broken links, and other errors. They put a negative effect on your customers and site SEO too.

CMS Software Audit

If your website CMS (content management system) becomes outdated, then it can put your clients and your business at risk. Keeping your website CMS updated is very important for your brand. Here are the main reasons why you should update your CMS :

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    Who Needs Website Audit?

    Small or big, each and every business needs it. If your business has a website, then you should consider doing it every 3 months.

    It doesn’t matter how many customers you get on your website every month. A website audit can spot problems and can increase your site conversion rate.

    If you’re seeing a drop in your website traffic, conversion rate, or ROI then auditing is a must.

    Overall a good site audit works for your advantage, your business will continue to grow in terms of traffic, page ranking, sales, and leads. We provide everything from website monitoring to website maintenance. You can simply contact us for more information.  

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