7 Signs your Business Website needs a Website Redesign

Here you can read this article 7 Signs Your Business Website Needs a Website Redesign.

Your website is the face of your business. The design of a website, especially during a Website Redesign, is very important. Your website should look attractive, it should be easy to navigate, and bring sales to you.

Technology is getting better and better every day. The competition is very high. So in this high level of competition, if you don’t want to leave behind, adopt all the latest website design trends.

7 signs you need to update your website design

1. Not Responsive Website Design

The no. of mobile device users is increasing every day. People don’t have time to open their big desktops to browse a website, though they use their smartphones.

The responsively designed website automatically resizes, based on different types of devices. In simple words, a responsively designed website should look good on all types of devices like desktop, tablet, and mobile devices. So if your current website is not responsive, you should change the design as soon as possible.

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2. Slow Loading Time

Approx. 47% of web users expect a site to load in less than 2 seconds. and around 40% of web users leave a website if it takes more than 3 seconds to load.

The point here is if your website does not load quickly, then you’re losing your customers for sure. Some quick points to optimize website loading time :

1. Optimize your website images
2. Use cached resources
3. Combine & Compress CSS and JS files
4. Reduce server loading time (Use a good web host)
5. Avoid using too many web apps, and plugins that slow down the website
6. Remove render-blocking Javascript files

3. Not Getting Enough Sales

If your e-commerce store ranks well on the search engine and gets quite a decent traffic, but you are not getting enough sales from it then it’s time to change your website design.

“Good design website means more business revenue.”. Yes, that’s true. Users love to do business with a good design website.

So if you are feeling your conversion rate is quite low, even though your website is getting a decent amount of traffic, then you should start focusing on your website design.

4. Hard To Update

At present when content is king, you should use a user-friendly website platform. A user-friendly website platform means it should be easy to navigate, easy to manage web content, updating SEO meta tags, so you don’t waste your valuable time adding some fresh content to your website.

Adding some fresh content is very important in terms of website SEO (search engine optimization). So, having a well-structured website backend is very important.

5. Not Showing Well In Search Engine Results

There are lots of factors to consider why your business website is not showing on Google search results. It includes quick loading time, website responsiveness, SSL certificate, and backlinks.

Even after doing all of these, you can not see your website on search results ranking so it’s time to update your website design.

6. High Bounce Rate

A “bounce” occurs when a web user comes to your website (via Google search, backlinks, etc.) and leaves it immediately without interacting further with your website.

Google Analytics can show you the graph of the bounce rate percentage of your website.

If a user visits any of your website pages then if he clicks and visits some more pages of your website it’s okay. that will not increase your website bounce rate. But a high bounce rate is really bad for your website SEO.

An outdated website design can also be a big reason for the high bounce rate. User loves to interact with a professional design website.

7. Looks Outdated

Outdated websites are less enjoyable to visit. User loves to interact with a professional design website. If your website looks outdated then you should redesign it.

In point no. 3 we have already discussed that an attractive website can also bring more revenue to your business.

If you want help in redesigning your outdated website, feel free to contact us.

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