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5 Marketing Tips To Increase Website Traffic In 2020

5 Marketing Tips To Increase Website Traffic In 2020 Okay, great! You have built a very good looking website to showcase your products and services online, but now what? Now you need to take one more step, and this is marketing. But the question is from where you should begin? Website traffic is a crucial indicator of business growth. It …

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Top 5 Reasons Your Ecommerce Website Visitor Are Abandoning Orders

Based on recent research, an average shopping cart abandonment rate is more than 68% across the web. This means that business owners are missing out on a huge chunk of potential sales. Cart abandonment is the biggest challenge businesses are facing now. Let’s understand this with a simple and clean example. Someone visits your website, check your online products, add …

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Digital Techniques Covid-19

4 Cost Effective Digital Techniques During Covid-19

4 Cost-Effective Digital Techniques During Covid-19 The coronavirus disease is not only harming people’s health but it’s also impacting a very large number of businesses around the world. With that in mind, Let’s have a quick look at some smart ways to defend your business. Go Digital Today It’s Corona Time! The global economy is undergoing challenging times. Small or …

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PPC & SEO – What’s the difference, Which one is better?

Both PPC and SEO are a very crucial part of search engine marketing strategy. But what is the difference and which one is better? In this article, We will understand this in brief. Let’s first understand the meaning of PPC first. What is PPC PPC stands for pay-per-click marketing. PPC ads are typically the banner ads that you see on …

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SEO During Coronavirus

Quick Wins To Improve Your SEO During Coronavirus Crisis

Quick Wins To Improve Your SEO During Coronavirus Crisis It’s only three months into 2020 and Coronavirus has distorted all aspects of life. The global economy is surely undergoing challenging times. People are confined to work from home, they can’t go outside, they can’t eat outside in their favorite restaurants, so ultimately this disease is making a huge impact on …

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5 Digital Marketing Ideas During The Coronavirus (COVID-19)

It’s Corona Time! Not only you, but the whole world is also disturbed right now. Everyone is facing a very serious challenge with this spread, but there’s is still hope. All types of businesses have been impacted with this virus either it’s manufacturing business, service business, online retailing, freelancing, accounting OR IT support. Everyone is giving his 100% to save …

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Smart Ways To Adjust Your Web Strategy During The Coronavirus Crisis

Not just only from a health viewpoint but from the economic viewpoint also the coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis poses a threat for all web creators. Thousands and thousands of people are confined to work from home. We’re locked in our homes, we can’t go to movies, can’t eat at our favorite restaurants. The world’s economy is surely undergoing challenging times. The …

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The Basic Guide To Marketing Your Business On Facebook

Facebook is the biggest social media platform in the world, with 2.27 billion active users. Small or big, each type of businesses are now promoting their services/products on Facebook. It’s a great place to keep your customers informed and broaden your reach. In this article, we’ll show you some major components of Facebook marketing. 1. Optimize your Facebook Business Page …

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The Unexpected Benefits of Data Analytics

Data analytics is a practice for evaluating business data to enhance productivity and business gain. Data analytics initiatives can help businesses increase sales and leads, improve operating efficiency, optimize marketing campaigns and gain a competitive edge over a rival. Data analysis is a practice of extracting, re-arranging and categorizing business data in a more detailed way to generate useful information …

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7 Top Online Marketing Plans For Small Businesses

The main goal of digital marketing is to connect your business to the valuable and right customers. When it comes to online marketing, there are tons of marketing strategies that can help your business to grow, but it is very important to decide which will be best suitable for you. Here are the 7 most important digital marketing strategies, you …

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