Imagine you receive an email from a brand. Perhaps you have purchased a product in an online store, or have demonstrated loyalty as a repeat customer. Yet, you are still bombarded with standardized emails, each targeting the average customer.

With email personalization, email marketing, a powerful digital marketing tool primed to maximize traffic and sales, can be optimized to garner more website conversions through a personal approach.

Customers want to be valued, and email personalization enables this. When brands examine demographics, customer behaviors, and personal information, they can approach email marketing in a highly personalized manner, thereby attracting more conversions (and ultimately revenue).


Through segmentation, emails can be allotted to target customers based on their interests, personal information, and purchase habits. Therefore, brands are more likely to elicit repeat purchases, and retain customers long-term due to dedicated, personalized treatment. Keep reading to discover the primary email personalization techniques.

1. Celebrate Customers’ Accomplishments

Did your customer complete a challenge? Pass a course? Congratulate them on their successes. By illustrating that you care about your customers and acknowledge their achievements, you are more likely to keep them around long-term by applying a personal touch.

2. Personalise the Sender

Oftentimes, if customers receive multiple emails from brand names such as ‘Topshop’ or ‘Glossier,’ they are likely to ignore, block, or relegate the company email to spam (especially if the emails are generic to all customers).

Personalizing the sender is an excellent technique to overcome this particular hurdle. By sending emails “from” an individual account manager or sales representative, users are more likely to notice the email in their inbox and click on it.

3. Trigger Response Emails

Trigger emails are dependent on a customer’s purchasing behaviors. For example, if a customer has made their very first purchase, or has signed up for a special event, dispatching personalized emails based on their consumer actions can be a valuable and effective way to connect with customers, and retain their long-term loyalty.

As maintaining frequent engagement and eliciting user interaction is key to conversions, trigger response emails are an excellent way to draw in customers.

4. Valuable Information and Content

Customers do not appreciate ‘sales tactics.’ Rather, they want to maximize value from the products and services they have purchased.


For this reason, skipping the gimmicks and generic marketing techniques is key to engaging first-time customers and keeping them around. By sweetening the honey pot, and offering key information on products and services, deals, offers, and more, customers are likely to stick around.

Email personalization. It’s a fantastic way to utilize an advantageous digital marketing tool and maximize benefits so customers feel appreciated and valued, and businesses thrive in turn.

While email marketing can connect consumers and businesses, and even drive traffic, email personalization can optimize conversion rates. Nowadays, in the midst of a burgeoning digital age, digital marketing is anything but straightforward.

Every day, more digital marketing tools, and techniques are developed, trends evolving to match ever-changing customer needs.


Email personalization is simply another great technique to optimize conversions, and demonstrate consistent attention and care to consumers who can feel neglected through generic email marketing techniques which target broad demographics rather than individual customers.

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