5 Important Ways To Increase Your Organic CTR

Search engines like Google are one of the most important traffic sources for websites. So improving a website’s CTR (click-through rate) is very crucial if you are looking for more organic website traffic. When it comes to SEO, lots of marketers still think that for getting a good amount of website traffic, a website should make it to the first …

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What Is Brand Cannibalization?

Brand cannibalization is an advanced science in brand marketing battle. It is a process of creating different sub-brands (organizations) of the parent brand so that the parent brand can grow its customer base by targeting large numbers of customers. It’s an art of brand extensions to benefit the bran owner, customers and the end users. For example, Marriot group runs …

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Website Audit: Why You Should Conduct it Regularly

Your website is the face of your business. When someone wants to know about your company and services then he can simply come to your website and check for the information he was looking at. Hence your website has the ability to convert your one-time visitors into your full-time customers. It simply means, taking care of your website is similar …

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What is Branding, and Why is Branding important for Your Business?

What is Branding? A brand is not just a logo, symbol or trademark. But a brand encircles all of these things and many more. Branding, by definition, is a marketing identity of a company. It not only makes a memorable impression in front of your clients but it also helps your brand stand out from the crowd. It’s a true …

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10 tips to successfully brand your business

Branding is very important for small businesses as well as big names. Many business owners understand that “Branding is essential” to their business. It is a marketing strategy for getting more traffic, increase business sales and awareness of your business. What is Branding and why is it important? Branding is a way of describing your business to your team, your …

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