In this article, We discuss the top reasons your business needs to use video marketing.

We live in a rapidly changing digital age. This new digital era diminishes not only users’ attention spans, but also the manner in which they engage and interact with content. While static social media images enraptured users at one point, and website copy enthralled them, the novelty has worn off. Now, users have short attention spans.

They flip through images, apps, and digital windows in seconds, logging on and off with a click of a button. So, it has become more crucial than ever to adopt new marketing trends to drive traffic, attract website conversions, and ultimately garner sales for your business.

Here’s a crazy fact: Tiktok has surpassed Google as 2021’s most popular website. So, what is the most popular marketing trend at the moment? You guessed it.

Video marketing is critical to attracting business and sales for your brand. Nowadays, users are bombarded with streaming platforms (such as Netflix, Amazon Prime), online video sharing platforms (YouTube), and short-form user video platforms (Tiktok).

These platforms enable users to flip through content quickly and engage their senses entirely (unlike images or written content). Therefore, the value of employing video marketing as a key digital marketing strategy for your business is unparalleled.

With implemented digital marketing marketing, video marketing can be leveraged to skyrocket your business’ overall revenue, growth, and return on investment. Still not convinced? Here are the top reasons your business needs to use video marketing today:

1. Video Marketing Is Cost-Effective

Guess what? Video marketing is non-paid (unless you outsource video marketing to a digital marketing agency)! The digital marketing strategy not only goes easy on your business’ tight marketing budget but can also enable strong results and steady growth when implemented creatively.

Considering users scroll through thousands of videos daily, often attending to their social media accounts several times daily, video marketing can prove to provide a stellar return on investment for those concerned about marketing budgets for their business.

2. Video Marketing Attracts A Large Audience

Think about it. Are users likely to sit through a lengthy article? Are they bothered to examine (and read) a website page? Not likely. Most users will scan headlines, find keywords, and only read information pertinent to their concerns or interests.

Video marketing, on the other hand, is accessible. With one keyword, thousands of users are likely to stumble upon your video, and considering it is quick and requires a short attention span and sensory overload, it can attract a far larger audience than any other form of content marketing can.

3. Video Marketing Is Mobile-Friendly

Most users scroll through videos and images on their phones. Are they reading blogs? Articles? Perhaps. But, more likely than not, users are inclined to seek out visual stimuli, stimuli that engage all their senses (such as videos and images), because digital platforms reduce users’ attention spans.

For this reason, video marketing through social media is a fantastic way to drive traffic and conversions to your website, as users are constantly on their phones, seeking services and products with a simple click of a button.

4. Video Marketing Is Creative

Content marketing increases conversion rates simply through creativity. When it comes to video marketing, users don’t want pitches and sales. They visit social media platforms to be entertained and delighted.

However, through platforms such as Tiktok, companies, and businesses can leverage user desires and behaviors (such as utilizing trending sounds) through a creative digital marketing strategy to optimize conversions. It is a great marketing trend to employ creative strategies and ideas for optimized engagement and conversions.

Marketing trends are constantly shifting and updating. However, it is a key digital marketing strategy to drive traffic, maximize conversions, and increase overall user engagement. Considering the digital landscape is expanding, and businesses need to move online to survive, video marketing is the way to go.

Not only is the digital marketing strategy proven to effectively capture high-quality traffic and drive sales, but it is also easy to implement and cost-effective for those who simply cannot spare the budget for more expensive digital marketing strategies. Growth can be organic. Try video marketing for your business today, and watch your engagement, and conversions, blossom from the ground up.

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