By the beginning of 2023, 75% of cloud workflows will be supplied as software as a service, predicts Cisco’s Global Cloud Index (SaaS). This demonstrates the rising popularity of SaaS startups and its business growth strategy, which will intensify competition in the software sector.

It will be challenging for various SaaS providers to distinguish their services from one another.

SaaS marketing is more challenging than product marketing because there isn’t a physical thing that clients can see. To persuade customers and increase conversions, you need a SaaS marketing strategy.

In this article, we’ll go over 7 marketing strategies that SaaS startups can use to effectively sell to their target market in 2023.

1. Display the SaaS Price

The proper pricing being shown will directly affect your clients. Users’ choice of SaaS provider is heavily influenced by cost, thus you must be transparent about it.

The pricing page needs to be constructed so that potential clients can immediately determine if they can afford your services or not.

Take a look at Vimeo, one of the SaaS providers, for instance. As you can see in the image below, they have established a page detailing the prices for the various services they offer.

2. Run a PPC Campaign

You can launch a PPC campaign to attract new clients, or you can employ search engine optimization (SEO), although the latter strategy takes longer to see results. Running a PPC campaign will produce results right away, and you may start getting new conversions shortly after your campaign is set up.


The secret to an effective SaaS marketing strategy is to test many iterations of ad material so you can determine which ones work best for your company. Your advertising may contain pertinent industry-related keywords so that they will appear for all pertinent search engine queries.

Additionally, you must make sure that your advertisements effectively communicate your value proposition and draw in the right target demographic.

Although PPC campaigns are expensive, many marketers still favor them because you may alter your expenditure levels thanks to their scalability.

3. Use SaaS Content Marketing

One of the best SaaS marketing strategies is content marketing, which can increase the quality of your leads. You can publish high-quality material on your website that is pertinent to your target market and can increase website traffic.

You need to provide original material and properly keyword-optimize it. You may direct the correct kind of visitors to your website by doing this.

You must design a landing page that enables users to submit their information to you for a better user experience.

You can start a blog and use the content as a crucial component of your SaaS marketing plan to increase the effectiveness of content marketing.

4. Use SEO to Generate More Leads

Another effective strategy for generating leads for your SaaS firm is search engine optimization. When you combine SEO with content marketing, you may see an increase in website traffic. You may also increase the visibility of your website to the right target groups by using SEO.


Additionally, you may utilize SEO On-page strategies to raise your website’s rating and make sure that users who are looking for pertinent keywords can find it. Developing high-quality backlinks to your website and increasing referral traffic may be necessary.

5. Use Free Trials to Lure Customers

You can encourage clients to join up and begin using your products by offering free trials of your services. This is crucial for a successful SaaS marketing campaign in terms of customer acquisition.

Customers must be made aware of the advantages of using your services; this is a fantastic approach to get them to sign up for them.

It will be much simpler for you to persuade them to stick around for a subscription plan once they’ve started enjoying your free trial. This works well to persuade SaaS consumers to make a later purchase.

6. Offer Fewer Choices

If you give your potential clients too many options, they can stop using your services. To prevent confounding your potential customers, you must limit your programs to no more than two to three different options.

Additionally, you must explicitly outline your offerings in each plan, along with the associated costs. This will assist your clients in choosing based on their requirements.

7. Make Sign-Ups Easy

Remove any obstacles in the sign-up process and make it simpler for users to provide their information on your landing page if you want more people to try your SaaS product.


Remember not to request credit card information for a free trial as this may turn off potential clients.


SaaS companies don’t have a tangible product to sell, and software programs are constantly updated and changed, which makes marketing SaaS products challenging. However, if you use the marketing advice stated above, you might outperform your rivals.

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