Importance of SSL Certificate

If you don’t have an SSL Certificate, Google is going to flag your website.

Yes, you read it right. Google will display a ‘Not Secure’ message in the URL bar if your website doesn’t have a valid SSL Certificate.

What is SSL?

Secure sockets layer (SSL) is a website security technology for establishing an encrypted link between a client and server.

SSL allows sensitive (private) information like credit/debit card numbers, website passwords, and security numbers to be transmitted securely.

Without SSL, data transfers between browsers and web servers always remain in plain text, which makes a hacker work easy to see the transmitted data.

That’s why we use SSL. SSL encrypts the transmitted data and makes your connection secure.

Why is an SSL Certificate Critical?

  • It Encrypts Sensitive Information
  • It Protects You From Cybercriminals (attackers)
  • It Builds Trust & Brand Power

Why do you need SSL?

Google just loves its users and therefore, is coming up with every possible way to make them feel more secure on the internet. According to a recent announcement, earlier this year, Google will flag all unencrypted websites by the end of 2017.

So, you need to install a valid SSL Certificate to avoid any risks and warnings. If you don’t implement it as soon as possible, you will see a ‘Not Secure’ warning on visiting your site.

With Chrome version 62 being released, all websites will need a valid SSL Certificate.


In the evolving landscape of online security, the SSL Certificate stands as a crucial guardian for your website’s integrity. As Google emphasizes user safety, the absence of Certificate invites the ominous ‘Not Secure’ label, potentially deterring visitors and compromising trust.

At Webvizion, London’s leading Digital Agency, we recognize the paramount importance of securing your digital footprint. SSL is not just a technical necessity; it’s a shield that encrypts sensitive information, safeguards against cyber threats, and fortifies the trust your audience places in your brand.

Don’t wait for warnings; take proactive steps to ensure your website is fortified against potential risks. The ‘Not Secure’ message is more than an alert—it’s a call to action. Secure your website with a valid SSL Certificate and let your users navigate a safe, protected online environment.

Ready to make your website secure and trustworthy? Connect with Webvizion for SSL Certificate installation and comprehensive digital security solutions.


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