Smart Ways To Adjust Your Web Strategy During The Coronavirus Crisis

Not just only from a health viewpoint but from the economic viewpoint also the coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis poses a threat for all web creators. Thousands and thousands of people are confined to work from home. We’re locked in our homes, we can’t go to movies, can’t eat at our favorite restaurants. The world’s economy is surely undergoing challenging times.

The coronavirus pandemic is also harming online and offline businesses which includes manufacturing business, online retail business, accounting, service business, and IT support.

With that in mind, let’s have a look at some smart ways which can be helpful for you to adjust your web strategy during the corona crisis.

#1. Keep in Touch With Your Past Clients

As we all know, the “regular” ways to meet new clients are blocked, so we (we creators) need to explore alternative ways to save the business from going into the pit. The best solution is to connect with past clients.

According to recent research “It’s always a better idea to invest in your existing clients instead of the new ones.” Because the success rate of selling your services to existing clients is 60-70%, whereas for the new clients it’s only 5-20%.

Here are some suggestions, you can try :

  • Keep in touch with your past clients, send follow-up emails, and keep asking them if they need anything from your side.
  • Send regular emails to your existing clients and ask them how their business is doing in this corona time. Even put a soft coronavirus joke or something. and then ask if there’s something you can do to help them. In simple words, you need to show some interest in your past client’s business.
  • Offer some discount to your existing clients in this difficult time. “Give them the offer they can’t refuse.”

#2. Reduce The Cost Of Your Business

In this difficult time, you should find some ways to reduce the cost of your business and keep your expenses to the minimum. The global economy is undergoing challenging times, and the only thing we can do is wait for the economy to recover. So in this difficult time, we suggest you keep your business expenses to the minimum.

Just have a look at your past expenses, that 100 bucks you spend on your web template or plugin, was that really necessary, or maybe you could do that without having that.

So in simple words, if possible reduce your extra business cost. Stop hiring new employees, or you should also reduce outsourcing freelance work, till the time the global economy recovers and back to normal. So in simple words, you should adopt a cost-conscious approach for your business.

#3. Start Learning New Skills Which Are in Demand During The Difficult Time

Since the workload is normal during coronavirus time, You should invest your time in learning new skills. Improve your knowledge and focus on trending skills that are in high demand. Skills that your clients are looking for and that can help your clients to achieve their business goals.

It could be Digital marketing, Social media marketing, UX design, Video production, Affiliate marketing, Sales & e-commerce, and Conversion rate optimization.

In simple words, if you want your business to survive in this difficult time, your business should focus on 2020’s trending skills and services.

Encouraging Words of Advice

Just stay safe and positive! The world knows that this is a very difficult time, and it is very important to stay positive. We believe that the global economy will recover as fast as possible. It’s not going to be easy. We can only hope to come out of the danger very soon. All we have to do is to calm down and wait for the good days to come!

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