E-commerce also experiences its best and worst periods as sales patterns changes throughout the year. Let’s take a look at the best and worst months for eCommerce.

The Covid-19 epidemic has set a number of standards in e-commerce, the impacts of which can still be seen in 2023. It altered our way of life, including our work habits, and it continues to have an impact on the global economy. All of this had a direct impact on purchasing behaviours and internet shopping habits.

For example, we can witness a shift in online purchasing behaviours earlier in the day, a shift in working patterns such as remote working, and a shift in the products purchased.

Aside from these changes, purchasing patterns remained consistent throughout the year. People, for example, always like to buy new things over the holidays.

Furthermore, if someone asks you about the best times of year to sell online, you’re likely to mention the holidays. However, keeping up with your inventory and marketing budget might be challenging during a sluggish month.

However, in today’s internet age, with social media and mobile commerce, consumers may purchase online at any time and from any location, whether it’s from the comfort of their beds or while commuting. As people’s shopping habits shift online, e-commerce peaks, and sluggish months become less common.

You can collect more and more sales data to gain a better understanding of the best and worst months for e-commerce, analyse your retail sector, and plan your marketing spending accordingly to maximize sales even during sluggish months.

In this blog, we will look at how sales trends change during the day, on different days of the week, and how e-commerce business is affected over time.

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Best Online Sales Hours

There are two peak hours for online sales: the first at 10 a.m. and the second at 8 p.m. Throughout the year, the evening peak hour remains constant.

Online sales generally follow people’s daily life routines, with sales dropping overnight before rising again at 6 a.m. and continuing to rise throughout the day.

Best Day of The Week for E-commerce

According to a recent report, the busiest days for internet shopping are Wednesday and Thursday. Saturday continues to be the worst day of the week for online sales.


However, it has been discovered that Monday has held the top spot for internet sales for the last two years in a row. And Sunday is the day with the fewest sales.

Weekends are the quietest time for eCommerce activity since consumers have more leisure time and are less likely to be around a gadget for buying.

Furthermore, most e-commerce sales are recorded during paydays, which are regarded as the finest days for online sales, and so decline until the end of the month.

Best Months for E-commerce

We can see the impact of large online sales events on e-commerce by looking at sales trends throughout the year. It also depicts the e-commerce cost of living crisis.


When it comes to the months, January continues to be the most popular for online sales due to the typical time of post-Christmas discounting. It generates a huge sales peak at the start of the year, and with stockpiles and a short sales time, it motivates individuals to make speedier purchasing decisions.

November and December continue to be the busiest months of the year in terms of sales volume. These two months have the largest e-commerce sales. Black Friday and Cyber Monday, as well as the Christmas shopping days, are peak days throughout these months. All of these days add together to make the two months the best for e-commerce sales.

Worst Months For E-commerce

The months of February and March continue to be the most difficult for eCommerce, as everyone returns to work following the Christmas vacations. Most eCommerce businesses set their finances for the following fiscal year during these months. Because the most established e-commerce enterprises already know and have expertise from previous business years, they can plan successfully for their e-commerce business’s worst months of the year.

What to Learn from these E-commerce Patterns?

Knowing the optimum times of the day, week, and month of the year to run an e-commerce business can aid in enhancing service and performance, as well as developing an optimized sales plan.

These best and worst months are generally for different industries, and some businesses will have varying peak times depending on their industry.


This is certain: different products have distinct peak dates, and there is no time of year when online sales collectively slow down. However, by taking into account your sales and consumer data, you may create a much better marketing strategy and see sales increase.

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