Google Pagespeed Insights Tool Gets a Major Update

You just created a new website for your client and it’s looking great. The site’s got great design and animations CSS. It’s simply looking fabulous. But there’s a small problem. Not every beautiful website is as fast as you need it to be.

For those, who don’t know ‘Google PageSpeed Insights Tool’ is a tool used to check website loading speed. It’s a tool for analyzing and optimizing a website. You will get different suggestions to make your website load faster and remove unnecessary stuff from it.

You can run a test on ‘Google’s PageSpeed Insights tool’ and analyze it. Google will provide you with some useful suggestions to improve its loading speed.

Google PageSpeed Insights Tool Major Update

Google is now using ‘Lighthouse’ which is an open-source tool for improving the quality of a website page. You can scan your website pages using Lighthouse, an automated tool and it will run a series of audits and then it will generate a report of how you can make a web page better in terms of performance and accessibility.

Here is a screenshot of the new Google PageSpeed Insights dashboard.


What you will get to see in the updated version?

Field Data: This uses the Chrome User Experience report and shows you FCP and FID details.
Lab Data: This includes ‘First Contentful Paint’ data, ‘Speed Index’, ‘Time to interactive’, ‘First Meaningful Paint, ‘First CPU Idle’ and ‘Estimated Input Latency’ data.
Opportunities: It shows you ways to improve your page performance including ‘Defer offscreen image’, ‘Properly size images’, ‘Serve images in next-gen formats’, ‘Eliminating render-blocking resource’ and ‘Defer unused CSS’
Diagnostics: This will show you some more information about the page performance which includes ‘DOM size’, ‘JS execution time’, ‘network payloads’, ‘user timing marks’, and other important settings.

The website loading speed is very important and Google is doing its best to provide all the useful features to users.

Google PageSpeed Insights Tool is one of the best tools to analyze and check the performance of a web page on desktop as well as mobile devices. It gives you many areas where you can improve a web page. What are your thoughts about this new update? let us know in the comment section.

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