Why WordPress is The Best CMS for SEO

WordPress is the fastest-growing content management system (CMS). According to a recent report, more than 172 million websites are using this powerful CMS. Which means approx. 29% of the internet is powered by WordPress.

But what about the SEO part? Well, WordPress is also one of the most popular choices among most successful SEO experts. SEO experts use and recommend WordPress because it has the power which can make your business stand out from the crowd. It works so well for SEO too.

In this article, we’ll discuss why it’s the best CMS for your website SEO.

Why WordPress is the Best Platform for SEO
There are lots of good CMS as well. Then what makes it unique. Well, here are some answers:

1. SEO Friendly URLs Structure

Permalinks are one of the main aspects of On-site SEO. Permalinks are the URLs on your website. WordPress gives you the ability to quickly set your page’s permalinks format.

When you install WordPress by default it gives you something like https://example.com/?p=123. But you can edit them by going to WordPress dashboard > Settings > Permalinks. By default, the best permalink structure is like http://yoursite.com/%postname%/

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2. Image Optimization

Talking about images, WordPress also provides you with a simple editor which allows you to optimize your website images. You can set image ALT tags, descriptions, captions, and more in a couple of minutes. Compressing the images is also a good practice as you shouldn’t use high dimension images on your website. Because it will make your website’s loading speed slow.

As a solution to this, WordPress also provides some free image compression plugins, which will compress all your website images without losing the image quality. You can use “EWWW Image Optimizer” and “Smush Image Compression” plugins for free.

3. Meta Title and Descriptions

Meta title and descriptions are one of the most important parts of On-page SEO as they increase your CTR. You just can’t ignore them. It informs Google about the page content which Google reads and crawls your website accordingly.

WordPress allows you to set your page meta title and descriptions very easily. There are some free plugins that can help you to set your page meta tags easily like “Yoast SEO” and “All in One SEO“.

4. Website Speed

As we all know, page speed impacts your search engine ranking. Google doesn’t like slow-loading websites. Your website should load quicker.

Why WordPress is The Best CMS for SEO-Website Speed-webvizion-global

When it comes to a non-CMS website and framework it becomes a complicated process. But not for WordPress. WordPress provides you with lots of free plugins which can help in optimizing website speed. Some important plugins are:

WP Fastest Cache
W3 Total Cache
WP Super Minify
WP Smush (Image Compression plugin)
Wp optimize (Database Optimizing plugin)

5. Social Media Support

What’s the use of a good article if you don’t even put social media sharing links at the bottom of it. If you want your article to be shared on various social media networks, then you must include social media sharing buttons at the bottom of it.

Why WordPress is The Best CMS for SEO-webvizion-global

As a solution, It provides some useful and free social sharing plugins like AddtoAny, Monarch, Social Warfare, Easy Social Share Buttons, and more. Just install them and be done.

6. Mobile Optimization

Mobile users are increasing each and every day. People don’t waste their time opening their Big PC system and laptop to browse the internet. Instead, they will just take their phone and start browsing in it. Google also hates a website that is not mobile-friendly.

Why WordPress is The Best CMS for SEO-webvizion-global

If you use WordPress, then you don’t have to worry about it. Most of the WordPress themes are already mobile optimized. Also, there are some plugins that can help you in making your website mobile responsive like, “WPtouch” and “Any Mobile Theme Switcher”.

7. Lots of Useful SEO Themes and Plugins

Not only that, but WordPress also provides you with lots of other plugins which can help you take care of your website SEO. Some of them are:

– Google XML Sitemaps: The plugin will help you with creating your website sitemap very quickly and easily.
– Redirection: Improve your site SEO score by easily managing your 301 redirections.
Broken Link Checker: Scan your website’s broken links and automatically fix them.
– WP SEO Structured Data Schema: This helps you to manage your Schema and structured data.

Final Thought

We highly recommended WordPress if you want a higher position on search engines. WordPress makes it super easy to manage your website SEO. If you need help with your WordPress website OR you want us to take care of your SEO, you can contact us directly.

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