5 Effective Ways to Get Website Traffic Without SEO

Do you want website traffic? Then you must have heard the name of SEO. Search engine optimization helps you to get more website traffic by making your website, search engine friendly. It increases your website traffic through search engine results.

But do you know there are some other important and useful ways too from which you can get quality web traffic? Here are the top 5 killer ways you can get quality website traffic without the help of search engine optimization.

1. Start Forum Posting

Forum posting is becoming more and more popular each and every single day. Forum posting is very beneficial for the long run and it can boost your organic website traffic.

All you need to do is to visit some popular questions and answer sites like Quora and StackExchange and start answering some popular questions in your niche’s topic. It will help you earn some quality backlinks if you apply it consistently.

2. Create and Share Infographics

Infographic submission is one of the vital and most effective ways to boost your website traffic. An infographic is basically a graphical representation of useful information and data.

One of the main reasons for their popularity is people don’t like to read long articles (or blogs) and instead of it, they will be happy to get the same amount of information through a graphical image.

The other main benefits of infographics are sharing and building an infographic link is also very easy and every person can use and insert these infographics in their website or blog. Some key points to keep in mind :

– An infographic can be inserted into a website more quickly and conveniently.
– Many people like to share a quality infographic more commonly on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter as compared to other information available in form of text.
– Infographic with your brand logo can be a more valuable method for promotion purposes.

To create an infographic you can use some free online tools like Canva.

3. Guest Blogging

It is a method in which you write and publish a blog post on someone else’s website (or blog). In return, the other guy provides you with a quality backlink. So it’s a win-win situation. The other gets a quality blog article and you get a quality link back to your site. ( you will get the advantage of his ready-built website traffic and audience.)

Guest blogging is totally free. The only investment it requires is your quality time.

4. Blog Commenting

It is one of the easiest and most effective ways to get quality backlinks to a website.

When a visitor leaves a comment on someone’s else written blog article, then this process is known as blog commenting.

In this comment, he can describe his feeling related to the article. He can describe whether he/she likes the article or not, any edits for the blog or he can also ask a question related to the blog.

This whole process is known as blog commenting. The main benefits of blog commenting are the first person gets a quality link back to this website.

5. Social Media Marketing

Well, you can also boost your website traffic with the help of social media marketing. It’s a popular way to grow your business in which you can target a social media audience.

Small or big, every business considers it an important marketing strategy. There are some popular options for you if you have just started with it. You can start with creating a Facebook business page, Twitter business page, Pinterest profile, Instagram business page, Reddit profile, etc. Some main benefits of social media marketing are :

– Boost website traffic
Increase brand awareness
– Improves audience insights
– Enhance customer engagement
Boost website sales and leads
– Promote articles and blogs

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