12 Most Important (& FREE) Ways to drive Traffic to your Website

Everyone wants “More traffic”, right? You can ask a business owner or an online marketer what they’d like the most, their answer will be “More Traffic”.

Website traffic is very important for business growth.

“No Traffic” means “No Clients” and “No Clients” means “No Business”. So in this article, we’ll share with you the 12 most important and useful tricks to boost your website traffic for absolutely FREE.

1. Check your On-Site SEO Properly

Search engine optimization is a process to increase website traffic through search engine tools. Good website SEO not only provides you with more traffic but even it can also help you get quality and useful web traffic.

On-site SEO can help your business to get a better rank in search engine results. But you need to properly optimize your website content for search engines.

Check your meta titles, descriptions, website loading speed, images ALT text and title, internal and external links, mobile optimizations, etc. carefully.

Without proper On-site SEO, all efforts are useless. so the no.1 point in the list is paying attention to On-Site SEO.

2. Get Listed in Online Directories

There are thousands of online directories and review sites available on the internet. Add your website link to these online directories. For this, you will need to create your profile (FREE & Paid) and your profile will have a link to your website. the process is also known as “Backlink”.

Backlinks are the major metric for a website’s ranking on search engine results.

3. Use Questions & Answering Websites

Questions and answer websites can help you boost high-quality website traffic. It’s a simple concept. Some users ask their questions and others answer them. There are some popular Q & A websites that you can use like Quora, Yahoo Answers, Stack Overflow (Inquiries about programming-related questions), and Linkedin Answers.

All you have to do is create your profile and start answering the questions. The good point here is you can add your website link in your profile and your answers as well.

Use Q&A sites for keyword ideas & get high-quality website traffic

Let’s Boost your website traffic!

4. Start Blogging Right Away

Every business should have a blog. Blogging is an inexpensive way to drive traffic to your website and attract more prospective customers.

Consistent blogging might increase your site traffic by up to 200 percent and it can be beneficial in building brand awareness.

According to a report, 82% of businesses admit that consistent blogging is critical to their business growth.

12 Most Important (& FREE) Ways to drive Traffic to your Website

Whenever you write a new blog article, it’s one more indexed page on your website. means it’s one more opportunity to drive quality traffic to your site. It also helps you be active on social media cause you will share the new content on different social media platforms as well.

Blogging drives long-term results and you should never ignore the power of blogging.

5. Email Marketing

If you want traffic for your website, start sending newsletters and promoting offers through emails. Email marketing is a great way to establish a good connection between you and your audience.

Email marketing is CHEAP, and sending one email per day is enough if you do it properly. You can use some FREE & Pais Email marketing online tools like :

1. Constant Contact
2. MailChimp
3. ConvertKit
4. Aweber
5. ActiveCampaign

6. Guest Blogging

Lots of bloggers use this strategy to increase traffic to their websites. Guest blogging is a simple link-building concept. You write a good blog article for other, similar blogs in your industry, in return, you will get a backlink for your website.

A person who is reading this article can also click on this backlink and visit your website. This will eventually increase your web traffic.

7. Blog Commenting

It is one of the easiest ways to get a backlink for your website. In simple words, A blog reader may leave a comment at the bottom of some popular articles, in the form of questions or appreciating the information shared by the author.

Blog commenting is done for building relationships and getting quality traffic.

8. Update Old Content on your Website

If you are ignoring expired content then you are making a big mistake. Updating the old article is always a good practice. It does not mean you need to re-create your content; simply refresh the old content. Read it properly and make it new.

Changing the old article title could be beneficial also. You can write a new eye-catching headline for an old article.

9. Promote your Content on Social Media Platforms

It is a must-follow strategy for an online marketer. Promoting your content on different social media is very important. This way you can get your social media followers to your website.

12 Most Important (& FREE) Ways to drive Traffic to your Website-webvizion-global

Posting your content with hashtags might also be beneficial because it will extend your content reach beyond your social network.

10. Make your Website Mobile Responsive

People are lazy. Nowadays, Lots of people use their mobile phones instead of their big PCs. They don’t have time to open their laptops and surf the web. they have their mobile phones in their pocket, so they simply take them out and start browsing on them.

Just make sure your website is mobile optimization. A mobile responsive website will enhance a user experience and users won’t hesitate to come back to the website again.

11. Keep a Check on Page Loading Speed

Google recently announced that website loading speed would be an important ranking factor in 2018. Website loading speed is also important to user experience. For this, you need to technically optimize your website pages. Some quick tips to speed up your website:

– Minify and Combine CSS and JS files
– Optimize and compress website images
– Reduce server response time
– Minimize HTTP requests
– Defer Javascript loading
– Choose a good hosting company
– Enable browsing caching
– Use a CDN (content delivery network)
– Reduce no. of Plugins & Apps

12. Look into your Site Analytics

Regularly checking your website analytics helps you find out which strategies and content work for you and which ones need improvement. So that you can focus on the main points without wasting your quality time on unhelpful things.

Final Thoughts

In today’s world, the competition is high. You can not get high-quality traffic for your website overnight. It takes time. Our advice is to follow all of these FREE strategies mentioned above properly. You can also contact Webvizion for further help.

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