7 Do's and Don’ts of SEO

SEO is a constantly changing industry. Keeping your knowledge updated in this field is very important.

To help you get better at SEO Here’s our 7 Dos and Don’ts for SEO.

1. DO: Write Long And Creative Content

Content is the king. If you have an online business website then having a blog is very important. Not only this but you should also write creative and keywords rich articles on regular basis. We have already discussed how important is a blog for an online business.

Content length also does matter a lot in SEO. Long-term content ranks much higher in search engine results. the other main benefits of the long article are it improve social media sharing. which will automatically boost your website traffic.

2. DO: Optimize Website Images

Image optimization is a HOT topic in SEO. It’s a good practice to optimize all the website images so that you can get full advantage from them. Some quick tips for image optimization

– Compress your images before uploading them to your site (So that it does not decrease your site’s loading speed)
– Use the best quality format possible
– Add ‘ALT’ and ‘Title’ tags
– Include a concise caption

3. DO: Add Internal And External Links Smartly

Internal links are very important and have lots of benefits like:

– The more you create the more benefits your site gets.
– It improves the indexing of your website
– It decreases the site’s bounce rate
– It prevents keywords cannibalization
It increases your site’s organic traffic

On the other hand, external links (outbound links) have also some benefits like:

– Search engines reward the behavior algorithmically
– It leaves positive participation and contribution
– And it makes your website a more valuable resource

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4. DO: Focus On Mobile Optimization

Google likely favor mobile responsive websites. Users also love a mobile-optimized website, so ensure your website is mobile-ready. Your website navigation should be easier to find on mobile, your website layout should look good, your site should load quickly on mobile devices, etc. These were some key points you need to focus on.

5. DON’T: Copy Content

Duplicate content creates more damage to the website SEO. As search engines get smarter, they find most of the duplicate content web pages and penalize them. Lots of writer thinks that they can save their time and money by simply copying the content from someone else’s site but that’s not correct. Search engines are way smarter than they think.

Copying some lines and a small amount of content won’t hurt, but copying the whole article from other site’s probably will.

6. DON’T: Neglect SSL Certificate

SSL stands for secure socket layer. SSL is very important for your website. It establishes a secure and encrypted connection between you and your server. Not only that HTTPS website also gets minor ranking benefits in search results. So stop neglecting it and install a valid SSL certificate as soon as possible.

7. DON’T: Buy Links

Paid links are considered the most effective way to quickly get a better ranking on search engine results. But if you have some extra bucks to spend then we recommended you spend it on your marketing programs instead of buying paid links for your website.

Buying links for your website are not at all a smart decision in 2019. Buying links for a website are extremely risky. and Google and other search engine tools might penalize your website anytime.

Final Thought

These were the top 7 do’s and don’t for SEO. If you have something in mind, let us know in the comment section. You can contact us for SEO inquiries.

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