Off Site SEO: Top 7 Techniques To Use

SEO comes in two flavors on-site and off-site SEO. On-site SEO is all about optimizing each and every page of your website so that it can get a higher and better position in search engine result pages. On-site SEO involves optimizing your website pages, articles, tags, content, website structure, and website layout. It’s all about making your website search engine friendly.

On the other hand, Off-site SEO is all about promoting your website on the web so that it gets more traffic, more customers, and a better conversion rate. Link building, Guest blogging, Social media marketing, Social bookmarking, and Influencer marketing are some of the main components of a successful off-site SEO campaign.
Here are the top 7 Off-site SEO techniques :

1. Guest Blogging

Guest blogging is also known as guest posting. It is a procedure of writing and publishing an article to someone else’s blog in order to build relationships and quality backlinks.

It’s a win-win situation in which the writer gets a quality backlink for his site and the blogger get’s a quality long-written article.

Backlinks are the heart of SEO and they are a primary ranking factor in Google.

2. Social Bookmarking

Social Bookmarking sites allow you to bookmark your website link. Tons of users use these websites to store, organize and manage bookmarks of web pages. These web links are usually public links so that anyone from the online world can access these links.

A user can bookmark website pages, articles, posts videos, and other types of information. Some of the most popular social bookmarking sites are :

– Evernote

Being listed on these popular social bookmarking sites can drive huge website traffic. Lots of users use these types of sites and they can click on your listing anytime and hence you will get traffic for your website.

Let’s Boost your website traffic!

3. Social Media Optimization

Social media are a really good option to promote your articles and content. There are lots of popular social media platforms in which you can promote your content like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Youtube. All you need to do is create your social accounts, write a brief about your business, put your business link and you are good to go.

Off Site SEO Top 7 Techniques To Use-Webvizion Global

The other main benefits of social media marketing are it enhance user engagement. Engagement matters a lot in website SEO. It helps to improve your online reputation.

In short social media channels are the best way of promoting and building your brand online.

4. Directory Submission

Directory Submission is another important way to improve your web presence by listing your website on some popular online directories sites.

Improving your web presence on the internet can increase your website traffic, sales, and leads.

It might take some time to deliver the good results you were expecting, but these results are very beneficial over a long time period.

5. Blogging

There is no alternative to this. Blogging is a powerful and most effective way to promote your website online.

As we all know that content is the king. And writing(& publishing) some useful and quality content can really boost your website traffic. Here are some important benefits of blogging :

Blogging increases your website traffic.
– It develops the relationship between your brand and existing customers.
– Increases your social media shares
– Your site will get a better and higher ranking on search engine result pages.

Off Site SEO Top 7 Techniques To Use-Blogging-Webvizion Global

6. Q&A Sites

Question and answers sites also help in generating a good amount of website traffic. In these types of websites, some users ask their questions (for a particular topic) and other users answer them. Some of the popular Q&A sites are :

– Quora
– Yahoo Answers
– StackExchange
– Linkedin Answers
– Wiki Answers

7. Infographics Submission

Lots of people find it boring reading a long article, so here you can use infographics as the best solution for it. it’s a representation of information in a graphical manner which makes it easy for users to read and understand the data in less time.

Infographics are a very effective strategy because people don’t find it boring instead they feel very excited while reading them. Here are some popular infographics submission sites :

– Visually
– Reddit Infographics
– Submit infographics
– Nerdgraph

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